Gavdos: Getting there

The steps

  • Fly to Crete
  • Take bus routes to either Paleochora or Chora Sfakion ( will require more than one bus )
  • Take the ferry to Gavdos

Simple right!?

Here is the more detailed explanation:

Flying to Crete

Crete is served by two airports, Heraklion and Chania.

map of crete






Both these airports accept international flights, therefore you could travel to either one on your journey to Gavdos. I, however, believe that the journey to Gavdos is easier if you come in to Chania airport. Of course though, depending on flight prices, you may prefer to fly through Heraklion. In which case do not worry as the journey from there is easy enough as well. If you don’t wish to travel by bus and you have the extra funds, you could also travel by taxi.

Bus journey to Paleochora or Chora Sfakion

crete bus company




The buses in Crete are more like coaches and are in fact very comfortable, run by KTEL bus services.

Before boarding the bus, the conductor will place your bags in the luggage hold. Whilst on the bus the conductor will come around and check everyone’s tickets. If you have boarded the bus somewhere between the origin and destination of the journey, and do not have a ticket, the ticket can be purchased on the bus itself when the conductor comes around with a ticket machine.

KTEL bus










  • Travelling from Chania

If you have flown into Chania, the journey to Paleochora or Chora Sfakion will consist of two parts.

The first part is to take a bus from just outside the airport to the main bus station in Chania. A small ticket booth will provide you with your ticket and the time that the next bus will be arriving. This bus is solely a shuttle between the airport and the main bus station, so no need to worry about missing a stop or anything.

Times and prices can be found on the KTEL website: here

You can’t miss the Chania bus station. It is a large, very busy bus station with several buses travelling to several different locations. The bus station consists of a ticket office on the left hand side, an internet cafe, a souvenir/snack shop, as well as a cafe. There is also a large seating area where you can wait for your bus, listening as they call out, over the megaphone, which buses are departing and their destinations.

The second part therefore consists of you taking a bus from the bus station to either Paleochora or Chora Sfakion. If you approach the ticket office and buy a ticket to your destination they will inform you when the next bus is leaving, and as there is a lot going on at the bus station you may be a little confused as to which bus you are taking. In this case there is an information booth at the bus station, and if you approach them with your question, they will be able to assist you.

The journey to Paleochora will take around 90 mins, and the journey to Chora Sfakia will take around 100 mins. Either journey will cost you 7,60 euros . The timetable can be found here.


  • Travelling from Heraklion

Alright, so if you happen to be travelling to Heraklion in your journey in Crete, it is a bit of a longer journey to get to Paleochora or Chora Sfakion. There is no direct bus service to either place from Heraklion and instead one would have to take the bus from Heraklion to Chania first, and then from Chania onwards as explained above.

The journey from Heraklion to Chania will take you around 180mins. The timetable for the bus service from Heraklion to Chania can be found here.

Unfortunately as I have not been to Heraklion, I am unable to give any advice or details as to where the bus station is etc.

Of course for either journey, an alternative would be to travel by taxi however it is considerably more expensive, and I found the buses to be more than adequate.


Taking the ferry to Gavdos



Okay, so finally you have found yourself in either paleochora or Chora Sfakion and you have reached the last step. All you need to do now is hop on the ferry and hop off at your final destination. However, timing is important. You see during peak season, the ferries only run twice per week, so you need to make sure that you check which days the ferries are travelling at at what time. More so if you are travelling in off peak season when they only make the journey once per week.

Once again, as I travelled from Paleochora, I am only able to give you knowledgeable information about travelling from there. The ferry company from which you buy the ticket for the ferry is located near the pier. When walking up the road (i.e away from the pier, with the water at your back) towards the main road that runs through the middle of the town you will find the ferry company on your right. It is actually more of a tours company as it offers tickets for other activities such as dolphin watching tours etc. Step inside and ask for a ticket for the ferry and they will inform you as to when the next ferry is and what time it will be leaving. You should know, as they to will inform you, that the ferry timetables are subject to change. The general rule is to be at the pier one hour before the time of departure in order to board the ferry etc. You wouldn’t want to miss it.

The journey will take you around 4 hours when travelling from Paleochora and around 2 hours and 30  mins when travelling from Chora Sfakion. Taking the ferry from Paleochora will cost you a mere 19 euros and 17 euros if you are travelling from Chora Sfakion.

The ferry company that is used is the Anendyk ferries and their timetables and price lists can be found here.

Once again remember to check the timetables before hand and purchase your tickets in advance if possible.


Well that is the simplistic explanation of travelling to Gavdos Island. Enjoy your journey, and enjoy your stay on the Island!

For any additional information, please feel free to email me at:


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