About Swazi Traveller

My name is Nicholas Brown. I was born in a small African country called Swaziland…..never heard of it? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

However it is a really beautiful country and has some good history, and yet you can only see it on the map if you know where it is. This blog though is not about my home country…..( if you want to know more about Swaziland….google it. ) No this blog is about me, someone from a small little country following my dream to travel to as many beautiful places in the world as i possibly can.

I have had this dream for a long time, yet i have not made an effort to make it a reality….until now.

Soon i will be heading off for my first adventure…..my dream will begin and hopefully my blog will flourish with images and writings of my hopeful adventures and the ones that become a reality as well.

I hope in the long run to be able to find a way to earn money from my travels and if anyone reading this has any advice for me…please let me know. The world is constantly changing…..not in a good way, there is so much out there, that won’t be there for much longer. I would like to experience and see as much as i can before it is too late. So if i don’t have to wait between my travels for a paycheck for funds…that would definitely help my cause.


So a quick summary….i dream to travel the world and learn about the places that i travel to, and through this blog i hope to pass on my passion to other like minded people.


Welcome to The Swazi Traveller’s Blog šŸ™‚

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