Horizon on fire

What do you love most about camping?

I love camping, I always have. Some, well a lot of people, don’t understand why some can love camping so much. Well I guess everyone has their own reasons for why they enjoy camping. Myself, I love camping for every reason that you can think of, however there is one particular aspect that I would say is the ultimate high point of every camping day.

Whenever I go camping, I wake in the early hours of the morning when it is beginning to get light outside but the sun hasn’t risen yet. Leaving the comfort and warmth of the sleeping bag, I’ll open the tent to have a peek outside.

The chill of the morning air greets me and wakens me as it runs over my skin, giving me goosebumps. The air smells fresh with the smell of earth, grass and trees all damp with the morning dew, appearing as though lined with silver. All is in absolute silence, as I find that even the birds are still yet to wake and sing their sweet morning melodies.

I walk over to the fireplace. The aroma of partially burnt wood and ash exaggerated by the damp morning air. Feeling for warmth from any live coals that may be laying safe beneath the grey blanket of ash, I set about rekindling the fire.

It’s begins to get lighter still without the rising of the sun as I sit with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee, warming myself by the fire whilst I drink it. I sit and I wait for the moment that I know is soon coming. Different every time, a picture that cannot be painted with words for words cannot justly describe it. A single awe inspiring moment.

Finally, there it is….

The moment that the sun sets fire to the horizon.



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