The untravelled travellers


” I always thought of myself as a wild fairy, trapped in a chaotic life.” ~ Elisa Gray


There are some of us out there that are living lives that we find somewhat unfulfilled. We feel trapped in a life of necessity and obligation. In the wrong place at the wrong time. Even if it is for the right reasons, there will always be an empty void within us that will never be filled by our justifications as to why we are where we are and not where we want to be.

The simple truth is that we can do whatever we put our minds to and if we really truly want something, we will and can find a way to make it possible.


“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” ~ Chief Seatlle


Someone said to me recently, the quote which I shared with you above: ” I always thought of myself as a wild fairy trapped in a chaotic life.” Many of us share her unfortunate sentiment, myself included. I re-iterate, as I told her, that anything is possible and we do have the power to make our dreams come true if it is truly what we desire with all our heart and soul.

One day the world will be our home, the beaches our bed, and the stars of the night sky will be our blanket. Keep dreaming, spread your wings and soar. The life of a traveller is within our grasp, we have but just to reach out and grab it.

“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” ~ Lao Tzu

 Gavdos 2


6 responses to “The untravelled travellers

    • Well a bit of all three to be honest Eric. You see I made a decision a couple of months ago that I do want to travel and more importantly to attempt to make a living from it if possible. So that in itself is a significant redirection from a breakthrough choice. At the same time they are words of reflection for myself and all others in my predicament of wanting to travel but being stuck for some reason or other, and it was brought on by that quote at the very beginning which was said to me earlier this evening by a friend of mine. Some people give up for fear of taking the first step….we cannot allow ourselves to do that, we have to remember that it is possible.

      • Two words jump here, Nick: “predicament” and “stuck.” Which, to me, begs the question: What are you doing to get unstuck and/or out of this predicament? Certainly, in your case, it’s not fear, is it? If you’re open to sharing, I’d be interested in learning what actions you are proactivley taking to have your desire/goal manifest?

      • Okay well I say predicament and stuck, perhaps its a bit harsh. You see my father is unwell and my mother cares for him. I am here for them, even though they do not ask it of me. My mother needs financial help from time to time as she does not get much for caring for my father. I stay for them because my family comes first always. I have decided that it is still possible to travel and that they just have to be done one at a time with some time in between in order to be financially achievable until such time as I can achieve a lifestyle from travel.

      • Thanks for taking the time to share your situation, Nick. It’s quite understandable. And commendable of you to make family your a priority. Prudent, also, to view your circumstances as “one at a time.” Why try to do more than is realistically manageable? Here’s to the days when you will be able to pursue your lifestyle from travel!

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