Don’t let the sun set on Africa’s elephants: The plight of the world’s largest terrestrial animals

Just a Traveller


You’re so money supermarket recently featured an advert with a guy driving an elephant. He is epic. In a sense it’s a good advert, we all find it funny how the elephant shakes its ass to the music. That’s probably what the marketing team at money supermarket thought. It looks cool and is kind of amusing.

I wonder if they though what I thought? That one day computer generated versions and fossils in a museum will be all that is left of the African elephants. The advert does not show, that possibly within the next fifty years, the elephant will become nothing more than a CGI creation like the dinosaurs.

Let me explain…

threat-categories-VUAfrican elephants have been classed by the IUCN ( international Union for Conservation of Nature ) , on the threat list, as vulnerable.This might not mean much to most people, as unfortunately, the majority of people only…

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