One man, one island, one week.



He arrived at the port, his mind full of curiosity and possibility. It was somewhat different to what he expected yet he could not contain his intrigue and joy to be there. Taking a few minutes to stock up on food and water, he gained his bearings and off he went. Travelling by foot, everything he needed packed in or strapped to the rucksack upon his back. He was a backpacker.

For one week, the backpacker journeyed around the Island, packing up his camp each morning to set up once again each afternoon on a new beach. Watching the sunrise every morning, the sunset at dusk, and the moon rising at night. The days spent travelling to and exploring each new location and swimming in the enchanting blue waters.


2 responses to “One man, one island, one week.

  1. I believe that if I follow enough of your posts and live vicariously (for a while) through them, then I will be amply inspired to embark of similar journeys. Good post and thanks for sharing a bit of your excursions.

    • Thank you for visiting and following my blog, and thank you for the comment. It’s so rewarding to know that my pictures and writing can be inspiring for others, and hope that I do inspire you to take a journey because each time you travel, not only do you discover new places, but you learn more about yourself as well. Thanks again for the comment, it is truly appreciated.

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