I’ve been to the most southern point of Europe and you haven’t

I posted this on my other blog, not sure why as it is directly related to this blog… But hey shit happens right. Anyway, as the title states, it’s about my trip to the southern most point of Europe, Tripiti, Gavdos. It’s a beautiful place, and hey once you’ve been there, you can say “I’ve been to southern point of Europe.” It may not mean very much, but you have to admit…it does sound kind of cool.
Anyway, check out the post and see what I had to say about it.

Just a Traveller


Last year, as I searched for a backpacking holiday destination within my budget, a friend suggested Greece. Not finding any alternative I looked into it, and pleasantly surprised with what I uncovered, I decided to spend two weeks in Greece. One week of which would be spent hiking and camping on the beaches of the Greek island, Gavdos.

Whilst doing my research about this island that was perfect for camping as it is virtually uninhabited, with only around 45 permanent residents, I discovered that Gavdos was the southern most Greek Island, the most southerly point of which is actually the southern most point of Europe. Tripiti is it’s name, so named because of the headland that reaches out into the sea, that contains three arches, on top of which some travellers decided to build a giant chair, to mark it as the southern most point of Europe.


One of the…

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