Gavdos: An island paradise?

When you hear the words island paradise, i think most of us imagine tropical white sandy beaches with palm trees, coconuts and lush green inland forests. Well whoever has been to Gavdos, knows that it doesn’t look like that. Gavdos wasn’t quite what i had imagined, but i was ready to give it a chance and see what it had to offer.

So Gavdos lacks pretty much everything that we imagine in an island paradise, few white sandy beaches, and on those few beaches, no palm trees….not one. The other beaches on the island…yeah pebble beaches. And to get to most beaches you walk along the main road, or you could hire a motorbike, but the scenery along the road is not much to write home about. 

Okay, so it’s not looking very promising right now is it?….I know, but don’t give up on Gavdos just yet, there’s more.

What Gavdos lacks in some areas, it more than makes up for in other areas and magical moments. So the journey to the beaches may be a drag, but once you get to them everything else falls away. Water so clear blue you can almost hear it calling you to dive in. The weather is amazing. Those pebble beaches are no longer a problem when you are diving in their deep waters and exploring the underwater life among the small natural reefs a few metres off shore. Mesmerizing sunrises and unforgettable sunsets and if you lucky at night you’ll get to  witness one of my most memorable moments on Gavdos…..watching the moon rise. Some of the trails to the beaches are quite something, walking through pine forests, looking over the ocean, watching the sun rise over the mountain that you just walked over.

The giant chair in Tripiti, which marks the southern most point of Europe, is a must to visit. Standing on that chair, feeling like the wind will blow you away, makes you breathless. Sitting upon it and looking out over the ocean is a truly soul lifting experience.

All in all for everything that it might lack, i feel that for each person that visits Gavdos, it holds something unique and special. I took Gavdos for granted while i was there, but as i look back….it was somewhat of a paradise. And if you ask me if i would go back had i the chance…in a heartbeat!

Each beach is unique and holds something special. I could tell you the ones which i believe were the most beautiful, but everyone is different and each beach may hold something different for you. Give Gavdos a chance and a little time and you will fall in love it.

If i could change anything about my time on Gavdos, i would have liked to have spent it with someone special. There are many magical moments to experience on Gavdos, moments that could only be made more special by sharing them with that someone that is special to you.

So is Gavdos an Island paradise afterall…well that’s up to you to decide for yourself. 


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