Expecting the unexpected

When i hear the words “island” and “survival” in the same sentence, i automatically picture a heavily bearded Tom Hanks talking to his inanimate, volleyball friend Wilson on the beach of a deserted island. Which in turn reminds me of the scene later on….”WILSON….NO, WIILSSOOOON” shouts Tom from his dismantled raft as Wilson gets carried off by the waves into the horizon. If you have watched the movie Cast Away, then you will know what i mean. If not, then watch it. It is truly a classic, great movie, that has to be on everyone’s “must watch” list.

Okay well back to the point of this post. We never know what might happen when we travel somewhere. I will most likely, on my next trip to Gavdos Island, end up with quite a generous amount of facial hair and the suntan too. I do hope though, that unlike the protagonist in our movie, i will not be the victim of a plane crash.

The truth is that anything can happen to anyone, anywhere, and whenever we travel we have to be prepared for any eventuality. People don’t get into survival situations by throwing themselves into life or death scenarios. Well most people anyway…Cue Bear Grylls jumping out of a plane onto a deserted island. No, true survival scenarios come from a sequence of events, events that are not planned for and cannot be avoided. It could be a plane crash, extreme weather conditions and acts of nature, an accident etc etc. There is no end to the list of possibilities that could turn a leisurely activity such as hiking or backpacking into a fight for your life.

The saying knowledge is power rings true in these situation. Any knowledge you have about bush-craft, survival, first aid skills and techniques could save your life. So why not brush up on those topics and add a few more cool pieces of equipment to your kit…you never know when you might need them. And if, like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, you find yourself in a situation with no specific equipment available to you…. adapt and improvise. Remember, your knowledge is your power!


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