Dreaming of an island paradise


Looking for an affordable backpacking holiday, i scoured the internet for beautiful destinations where i might be able to pitch my tent and enjoy the rustic experience I long for. During my search i came across a Greek island…….Gavdos. Free camping anywhere on the island, pretty much far removed from “civilization”, with some truly glorious beaches, it seemed like exactly what i was looking for. I did a little more research, concerning flights and transport to and from the island etc. Well within my budget, i saw no reason to second guess myself, and so booked my ticket straight away.

Now the closer i get to my holiday, i can’t help but feel excited. I am finally breaking out on my own….flying solo for my very own adventure. Of course alongside the excitement are nerves….big time nerves, as i have never done anything like this before. Add the fact that Gavdos is a place with a limited freshwater supply and few places on the island to buy food, and yes, you could definitely say that i am a little nervous.  Yet strangely that is the same reason that i am excited. As an outdoor enthusiast, i have longed to go where there is minimal civilization and rely on my own wit and skills to survive. This trip will not be so dramatic as i will have access to everything that i need, if i am in need of them. I will, however, try to detach myself for as long as possible and discover as much of the wild beauty and rich history that Gavdos has to offer in the time i will be there.

I am positive that i will learn a great deal about myself during this, my first adventure, and i know that i will not return as the same person. This will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life and very possibly change the plot of my life story altogether.

We all have dreams, we just need to have the courage to chase them. I am dreaming of an island paradise and a lifelong adventure…… follow me as i chase my dream and i hope that you find the courage to leave your safety zone and follow your dreams alongside me!


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